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There have been recent questions and discussion related to the Special Ed PAC elections recently held in May. I would like to update you all on the status of this years elections.

1. The elections are held each May during the last Board meeting for the academic year. This is stated in our ARPS Special Ed PAC Bylaws and are available on our website for review.

2. The method for the elections is to use Robert’s Rules of meeting order. Nominations are made during the meeting and voted on.

3. We ask for participation and extend the invitation to run, via email and website with assistance from the District. Special Ed PAC drafts an email and the Administration distributes this email to parents with children that have IEPs or 504s in the District. ALL parents and guardians are encouraged to attend this meeting, to participate in this vote and to voice their opinions both positive and negative.  We have tried our best to reach out to the Special Ed PAC community. We need volunteers to help us do this and appreciate any and all help.

4. Special Ed PAC is a place for discussion and support for parents of children with special needs.  We welcome ALL participation at all levels.

5. This group is comprised of volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to improve issues around special education in the District as well as to advocate for the rights of families and children.  Many of us work, raise children with special needs, go to school  and still volunteer our time and energy for this. Please be respectful of this effort.

6. If there are any parents that would like to participate, who would like to volunteer their time and energy to our group – PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us. There is much work to do, and we welcome you.

7. While Special Ed PAC does voice concerns over issues surrounding special education in the District, there is a good amount of work that is also done to improve communication between families and the Administration, and we encourage you to come to the meetings and to help us in this way.

8. The Election results are:

  • Pat Ononibaku elected Co-President
  • Melissa Paciulli elected Co-President
  • Maria Polino elected Co-Vice President
  • OPEN Co-Vice President
  • Michael Aronson elected Treasurer
  • Birdie Champ elected Web Master/Co-Secretary
  • OPEN Co-Secretary

There are two positions that are open on the Executive Board, and we need Building Representatives for all of the Schools – please contact me to volunteer for these positions. (

9. We represent over 600 families in the District. Many reach out to us to be their voice on difficult issues. We are working hard to help improve broken processes AND maintain positively working processes in the District. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come and meet us and participate.

My hope for this Community is for us to have the best special education system in the Commonwealth.  This can only be achieved through active participation.  We will post anonymous comments that are honest, not cruel in nature, and rather constructive.  Please post your concerns and your voice.

All my Best, Melissa Paciulli – ARPS Special Ed PAC Co-President

About usWe periodically post information regarding regional special education, as well as interesting news related to special education.  We encourage both anonymous and signed comments to our posts, but please allow us a day or two for publication.  The SEPAC Executive Board will not post offensive or dishonest remarks or comments deemed overtly personal, or direct attacks on individuals outside of the positions they hold.  We thank you for your support!