Moms at playgroundHave you ever brought your kids to the playground, and struck up an interesting conversation with another parent there? For parents of nuero-typical and physical-typical children, this is commonplace. Conversations revolve around teachers, homework, birthday parties, mutual friends, and the like. Tips are shared, news about upcoming events are discussed, parents share problems, and more importantly, parents share solutions.

For parents whose children are in the special education program, however, this is not commonplace. First of all, there are fewer of us on the playground, and our needs and experiences are unique; other parents cannot relate to our stories. Second, there is a cloud of privacy, and unfortunately sometimes embarrassment when we talk about our children. Parents of children with special needs often feel isolated, with no safe place to talk about issues we are having with the school, or issues we are having with our children. We cannot benefit from the support of a parent community because we have trouble finding each other.

The Special Education Parent Advisory Council is here to help! On September 26th, at 6:30 PM we will hold a General Meeting at the Bangs Center in downtown Amherst. The purpose of this meeting is to reach out to our community, learn from each other and gain strength from our mutual support. Please come for an evening, to hear others experiences and share your own story.

Our agenda for the General Meeting

  • Welcome
  • Special Ed. PAC Goals 2013-2014
  • Parent group meet & greets “By the Swings”
  • Large group discussion
  • How to be involved
  • Close