Strengthening PartnershipsThese meetings are scheduled between administrative leaders of the ARPS district and the Special Education Parent Advisory Council. We strive to maintain a respectful, non-adversarial relationship between our two groups, while continually pressing that the district improve. Our mutually beneficial relationship allows the administration to consult with SEPAC regarding general opinions and guidance about various policies, while SEPAC continues to illuminate areas of need, and press for change. For example, the administration reached out to SEPAC when they were considering a change in their report card policy. SEPAC also held a seat on the selection committee when the district was hiring a new Director of Student Services.

These meetings afford us the opportunity to bring your issues to the district. At every meeting this year, we will be addressing details regarding the need for transparency, the problem of discipline disparity, problems with special education service delivery, and the high dropout rate of students within the special education program. Like all of our meetings, these are open to the public. Even with our tight agenda, SEPAC always reserves time in our Administrative Meetings for public input.

Please contact us if you have an area of concern. It may be that your voice is not alone. Together we can fill in the blanks. Together we are strong.