Sensory processing disordersDoes your Child have a Sensory Processing Disorder? Have you participated in the sensory-friendly films at Cinemark? Dylan at the Gazette would like to talk to you about it.

A sensory-friendly movie has the lights brought up, sound turned down, and is not in 3D. Some individuals with sensory processing disorders become easily overstimulated in theaters.

On February 19th, Dylan asked the Special Education PAC:

I am a reporter over at the Gazette and I am writing a story about the sensory-friendly films at the Cinemark–which are designed for children with sensory disorders like autism. I am looking to get in touch with parents who have taken advantage of the series, and I was wondering if any of your members have and are interested in speaking with me.

It would be really helpful to me if you could put the word out. If any parents are interested in speaking with me. My email address is

Thank you,

Dylan Peers McCoy
Daily Hampshire Gazette and Amherst Bulletin